What are wedding dresses made of?


Every girl dreams of organizing her wedding perfectly. To create a celebration of a dream, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. One of the main elements of the wedding is the bride’s dress, namely, what it is made of. The bridal fabric for a wedding dress affects the appearance of the outfit and the comfort.

What to look for when choosing a fabric

The fabric for a wedding dress should be chosen to suit the weather, the style of the event, the place where it is held, it is pleasant to the touch, and the bride is comfortable in it all day. Distinctive properties of fabric for sewing wedding dresses:

  • Wrinkle-resistant. The bride is constantly filmed with a photo and video camera, and you don’t want the hem of the dress to be wrinkled at all.
  • Durable and elastic. The dress will have to be worn all day; it will have to move a lot of dance. Sometimes the hem of the dress is stepped on, and it should not be torn at the slightest touch.
  • Breathable – so that the bride feels comfortable in any weather.
  • Conforming to the style. Too light fabric will not hold its shape and will allow you to create drapery. And from a dense fabric such as taffeta, it is impossible to make the impression of a flowing matter.
  • Moderately shiny so as not to create glare in the photo.

For a wedding scheduled for the summer, light, airy fabrics are more suitable. If the celebration occurs in winter, then an outfit made of dense material would be appropriate.

Most Popular Fabrics

The fabric choice should be approached very carefully since the appearance of the newlywed and her comfort depend on this. Each fabric has its pros and cons, which must be considered when tailoring an outfit. The most popular wedding fabrics include:

  • Atlas

Due to its rich appearance, strength, and ease of processing, satin is one of the fabrics most often used for celebrations. It can be dense and lightweight, natural and artificial.

  • Taffeta

If you dream of splendor and elegance at your wedding, then taffeta is your choice. This dense silk, cotton, or synthetic fabric has a glossy texture, does not wrinkle, and shimmers in different colors in different lighting conditions.

  • Brocade

This is another favorite when creating luxurious wedding dresses. Since ancient times, such fabric has been considered a symbol of wealth since it was made from silk, adding gold threads (now they have been replaced with metal ones). Thanks to this design, the fabric looks very beautiful, strong, and durable.

  • Silk

Silk has always been a costly material, so only truly wealthy people could afford outfits made from it. Recently, manufacturers have been producing silk with synthetic impurities, making it a little cheaper. At the same time, it looks as beautiful and luxurious as a natural fabric.

  • Chiffon

One of the most suitable materials for a wedding dress is chiffon. This translucent fabric creates the effect of lightness, weightlessness, and romance. Chiffon is most often used in combination with satin or silk. Sleeves, fluffy skirts, trim, veils are made from it. This decor makes the dress airy and flowing.

  • Organza

When answering the question of what fabrics wedding dresses are made of, designers often call organza. This fabric, which contains polyester, viscose, and silk, is breathable, durable, lightweight, and does not wrinkle.

  • Guipure

This translucent fabric with an openwork relief pattern is called Venetian lace. Guipure is often used as a spectacular addition to chiffon, cotton, and linen fabrics, but entire dresses are also sewn from it. In this case, a lining is required.


A wedding is a moment that cannot be forgotten. On this day, every little thing is essential, and any detail can emphasize favorably and make the image a failure. Pay attention to the dress fabric and let this holiday be unforgettable!

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