4 Tips in Making DIY Wedding Photography in Sydney 


Capturing your wedding in photos by yourself may take a lot of work to do. Keep in mind, though, that doing so lets you infuse creativeness and uniqueness in preserving the memories of your big day. Wedding photographers can be just you, your significant other, a family member, a relative, or a friend. Below are the suggestions in creating a collection of wedding pictures that enables your ingenuity to shine through, and simultaneously lets you save money from hiring a photographer: 

1. Experiment with Someone Close to You 

If you aren’t experienced nor even familiar with taking sets of photos, enlist the help of a person or people close to you. Becoming wedding photographers doesn’t require college degrees or a specialized knowledge. Becoming an expert in taking photos of special occasions is easily learnable through instruction and constant practice. You may want to only let a person or people who are extremely socially close to you teach you the basics of photography. There may be awkward moments if you let people who are only semi-close to you or your acquaintance teach you to how to take pictures of special occasions.

2. Create a List for the Pictures You Want Taken 

Taking your wedding photos can be overwhelming, and, at times, stressful. Wedding photographers who take their nuptial photos normally create a list to avoid forgetting to take one or some of the pictures they want taken. Creating a list is a simple thing to do. You can handwrite this list in a couple of minutes without encountering any hassle for doing so. 

3. Be Knowledgeable of the Wedding Location and Conduct Testing 

One of the effective means in taking pictures for any occasion is to be familiar with the venue. The venue’s environment is the backdrop of the photos you’ll take. Wedding photography has to be compatible with the views of the venue where pictures are to be taken. It’ll even help to visualize the real thing on your wedding day by doing testing, taking pictures in the venue where the nuptial is going to take place before the event taking place. 

4. Reserve Backup Equipment 

Reserve two cameras and a couple of sets of key equipment as you take photos for your wedding. At times, having no backups may hinder you from taking wedding photos when your primary equipment malfunctions or gets damaged. Weddings are not special occasions without having photos taken during the big day.

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