How to hire a wedding photo booth for a large guest list?



Photo booths at weddings are a great way for guests to share candid memories with one another. However, ensuring your booth accommodates a large guest list requires some strategic planning. You want to avoid long lines and ensure everyone gets their turn. Follow these tips for maximizing your photo booth with 100+ wedding guests:

  • Book a larger booth – Standard photo booths fit 2-4 guests. You’ll need a booth that can accommodate 6-8 guests together for over 100 guests. It increases capacity and gets more people through the line faster. Trying to fit a small booth into a large event can be frustrating.
  • Extend the rental time – Most photo booth rentals are for 3-4 hours. When you have a large guest list, plan on renting the space for five or six hours so as not to cut off the line. Giving everyone time for a turn without feeling rushed leads to better photos and more fun. Budget for extra hours.
  • Get double prints – Single photo strips go quickly with large groups. It is recommended that guests keep a copy of every photo strip they take. It also ensures you receive more duplicate prints to include in a wedding album or photo booth scrapbook after the event. 
  • Hire an attendant – A photo booth hire keeps things moving smoothly when you have a constant flow of guests. They quickly reset the booth between groups. Attendants also handle any issues, direct guests, change out supplies as needed, and improve the overall experience. 
  • Strategize booth placement – Photo booths placed in non-convenient corners create bottlenecks. You should place it in an area where lines can form easily. The location of a dance floor or bar would be ideal since they are high traffic areas. Easy access increases usage.
  • Entertain while guests wait – Down moments feel longer with more people in line. Keep guests entertained by playing music, running a slideshow of photos, having a camera for selfies, or looping a funny video. Making the wait more fun encourages guests to stick around until they get their turn.
  • Provide lots of props – Fill your prop baskets to the brim with plenty of variety. Rotate new props throughout the night to pique interest. More props mean fewer repeat pictures for large groups. Give guests lots of funny items to spark their creativity.
  • Book a fun attendant – Along with keeping things on track, a lively attendant increases the party atmosphere around the booth. They play games or crack jokes with waiting guests. An attendant who gets people excited and involved makes the experience more engaging.
  • Maximize your space – Look for open booth backdrops that utilize existing walls and freestanding backdrops. It saves precious floor space. Consult your venue to find the biggest area available for the booth that still allows guest circulation. 

With the right preparations, your photo booth will be a hit even with 100+ wedding guests. Follow these tips to ensure everyone gets memorable pictures on your big day!

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