Things you should check before choosing a Wedding Photographer?


So, you are getting married and have decided to hire a wedding photographer. This is a great way to capture your special day and it will give you precious memories that last a lifetime. But how do you know which wedding photographer is the best for you? There are lots of factors such as their experience level, style of photography and what kind of equipment they use. We’ve compiled some tips so that by following these simple steps you can find the perfect photographer like Marc Shaw Photography & Films for your big day!

Do Not Buy The Most Expensive Package

The most expensive package is not always the best. The best package is the one that meets your needs and you should be able to find one that meets those needs without breaking the bank.

Never Go By The Reviews Blindly

When looking for a photographer or videographer, it’s easy to get caught up in reading through every review you can find. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when looking at these reviews.

Reviews aren’t always accurate: 

It’s important to realize that a single person can write a single review and it will impact your overall rating on Google, Yelp or any other platform you use. So the fact that someone had a bad experience does not mean that everyone else has had bad experiences as well.

Reviews can be biased: 

A lot of times people write negative reviews because their expectations are higher than reality (or lower than reality). This means that even if there was an issue with your vendor’s work, you may have paid full price for something but feel like it wasn’t worth anything at all because of how disappointed with the results were.

Fake reviews: 

If someone has enough time on their hands and money to burn then they could easily make fake accounts just so they could implore better ratings out of companies they did business with previously which led them down the wrong path after hiring said company again later down road; especially when dealing with day-to-day operations such as photography/videography services where quality workmanship matters most! You don’t want those kinds of people around either way – so watch out!

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