Popular Uses of Wedding Backdrops


Wedding backdrops are one of the most important elements to any wedding party, with its elegant design and complimenting wedding color schemes, it’s bound to add life to the party.The most popular use of wedding backdrops is as the background for wedding photos. The backdrop is usually positioned behind the wedding party, with the bride and groom in the center and their attendants (bridesmaids, ushers, flower girls, ring bearers) flanking them.

Another popular use for a backdrop fabric is behind the head table at the reception, where the wedding party is seated. In this case, however, there may be no need for a photographer to take formal photos, since everyone will see the backdrop every time they look at the head table.

Some couples also use a photo backdrop as a kind of DIY photo booth. They might place it on an easel at one end of the dance floor or ballroom, or hang it from a frame using retractable banner stands (the same stands that are used to display many backdrops). Guests can then take turns posing for photos in front of the backdrop rather than being crammed into a tiny photo booth.

Regardless of how you plan to use your photo backdrop — whether it’s to create memorable photos or just to add color to your celebration — it’s important to plan ahead so you’ll have time to order and receive your custom backdrop before your event date arrives.

Stunning Wedding Wall

The beauty of a wedding backdrop is that it is perfect for any venue, whether you are having an indoor or outdoor reception. The backdrop can be used as a stand-alone piece to act as a stunning wall for the reception, either as a part of the room or on its own as a focal point. It can also be used to create an elegant entrance into the reception room.

Photo Booth Backdrop

Using a wedding backdrop for photo booths has become increasingly popular over recent years. They allow guests to have their photograph taken with friends and family in front of the backdrop which can then be printed out to take home. There are so many different options available when it comes to photo booths and their backdrops and they tend to be all unique and individual, showing off your personality and interests as a couple.

Dessert Table Backdrop

Another extremely popular way of using wedding backdrops is for dessert tables. This allows the beautiful cake and desserts to stand out against the backdrop, creating an amazing contrast in colour! You can find many different themes from rustic to ethereal.

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