How to Spank Your Wife?


When it comes to expressing power over your partner’s sex organ, spanking can be a powerful tool. In this article, we’ll discuss some common techniques used for Spanking. These include ticklers, over-the-knee positioning, and using your fingers.

Spanking is a powerful way to express power over your partner’s sex organ

There are a lot of different ways to express power over your partner’s genitals, and spanking is one of them. However, it is important to remember that it is a physical act. You should never attempt to manipulate your partner by spanking him or her, and it should never be attempted to enslave her body.

Spanking can be done over a variety of surfaces. You can do it over your partner’s butt with a standard over-the-knee spanking, or over your partner’s thighs or ass. If you prefer, you can even spank them over a coffee table or sofa.

Spanking may be uncomfortable for some people, and it’s important to set up a safe and private space if you’re going to try it. Some people will never enjoy erotic spanking, for example, if they’ve been spanked as a child.

When practicing spanking, make sure you’re using a wide, flat spanking implement. This will help to diffuse the blows and will reduce bruising. Then, afterward, apply some soothing lotion to the affected area. This will reduce redness and swelling.

Despite its physical impact, spanking can also be a painful, and sometimes embarrassing act for the victim. For this reason, it’s important to remember that it’s important to start slowly when using new devices. It’s always best to start slowly before applying pressure too strongly. The sweet spot is at the base of the cheeks, and a close spanking near the tailbone can be painful. Spanking can also be performed on the vulva. However, this is an extreme way to express power over your partner’s organ.

Ticklers work well

Ticklers can be a good choice for spanking your wife. They are soft and leave a soft sensation on her body, but they should be used in moderation. A violent tickle may result in a burning sensation and should be avoided. Instead, apply light pressure and roll the tickler across her body. Tickling will be effective on sensitive areas, so make sure to target these areas.

Feather ticklers are another great choice. They are inexpensive and work well for teasing. They are made of feathers that are bundled together to create a tingling sensation. Feathers are also a good choice for tickling because they can help enhance foreplay.

Ticklers are made of soft, comfortable feathers or synthetic materials. These toys are great for impact play as well. Feathers do not cause harm, unlike plastic rods. But a rubber topper can cause some unintended pain. It is a good idea to avoid using ticklers around children if you want to use a tickling technique on your wife.

Over-the-knee positioning

If you’re looking for an effective way to spank your wife, try the over-the-knee position. This stance allows you to strike your wife’s butt with your hand, then alternate between your fingers and cheeks. As your wife reacts to the swats, you can increase the intensity of the spanking. A good spanking session can last several minutes. You may stop the lashing early depending on the pain your wife can tolerate, or continue with the implements until she has learned her lesson.

Although this method is more popular among women, it isn’t as effective for men. The OTK position puts more pressure on the pubic region, and it’s not suited for men, so you’ll have to adapt to the changing body shape of a growing woman. Besides, this position also exposes her external genitalia, which is an issue if you have an older son.

In the first try, deliver the physical discipline by hand. You’ll need a strong grip, and the legs should be at the right angle. You can even use a chair without arms. When you’re standing, your right arm should be on your wife’s back, and your left arm should be on her buttocks.

When you’re about to spank your wife, make sure to choose the right word. Remember, different people respond differently to spanking, so it’s important to choose a safe word that will ensure your wife’s submission. In addition to using a safe word, choose a location to spank. You may want to use the bedroom to do this.

Spanking with a spake

If your wife has been naughty and you want to discipline her, consider spanking her. However, remember that spanking is still considered domestic abuse and can get you in trouble with the law. Spanking without harm is not legal in the United States, and you can be arrested and face charges.

Spanking with your bottom bared

If your wife is acting naughty and needs a discipline, you can use spanking as a way of achieving it. It’s safe and won’t cause any serious injury. However, it must be done on a bare bottom to be effective. Avoid using thin pants, as these will only reduce the effectiveness of the punishment. Also, a bare bottom is more humiliating.

To start, use your hand and strike your wife’s butt several times. Next, move to her cheeks, and repeat the process. As you hit her, increase the intensity of the swats. Repeat the procedure for several minutes. You can stop when your wife shows signs of getting tired of it, or continue using the implements until she has learned the lesson.

First, let your wife know that you are in control. Don’t let your wife argue about it. The goal is to make her reflect on what she’s done, and to get her to change her behavior. Make sure that the spanking is memorable. You can use the side of the paddle or your hand and hit the center of her cheek. This action will trigger a scream, and the repetition of a hard hit will remind her to behave in the future.

Next, let your wife know that you are letting her know that you are serious about disciplining her. It’s not easy for a wife to get emotional about this, but it can help.

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