How Much It Might Cost You for Your Wedding in Puglia?


For many people, Puglia is the first choice for their wedding. We have a wedding tradition in Puglia that is unimaginably extravagant! Here, each supplier completes a true purpose rather than just offering a straightforward service. Wedding vows are holy, and every last detail is carefully considered. Couples from Italy and abroad can benefit from the unique consideration Puglia reserves for wedding preparation.

You can also find some restaurants which are especially known for wedding receptions. They provide really well-organized and ideal services to couples. When you hire such restaurants, you don’t have to think about the food arrangements as they will do everything perfectly. There is an indoor kitchen there, and there are several menu options. There are indoor wedding planners available at many of these restaurants who can help you during the day. Occasionally, the cost of this service is included.

If you want your wedding to be a memorable one you can choose from a variety of lodging options (private villas, cottages, beaches, etc.), which don’t deal with weddings exclusively, but are used to this kind of request. They may have an internal kitchen in some instances, but you may also select an outside catering provider. 

As it is such customized service, planning could be more difficult, but also a lot more enjoyable. The end effect will undoubtedly be quite stylish! In these situations, it is strongly advised to hire a good wedding planner like Princess Apulia.

Despite choosing the ideal location that fits your guest’s count and establishes the correct mood, your venue must be the ideal setting for making memories. The venue which you select must be perfect for clicking some good photographs with your better half, family, and friends. There is nothing more gratifying than walking into your venue and realizing that you and the love of your life have chosen the most stunning location for your wedding. 

If your wedding planner says that your preferred site doesn’t seem to have enough space, be sure to explore all options for seating arrangements to make your dream into reality. Hiring a good wedding planner can arrange your wedding in the most amazing way. An experienced wedding planner will have an idea about the best wedding venues in Puglia. All you need to do is, pick one from them that you love the most.

For a good wedding in Puglia, it may cost you around 30,000-40,000€ for 90 to 100 guests. Most couples must stick to a fixed budget and timetable for their wedding. When you hire a wedding planner, they will try to give you the best within your budget. As they will know the local food caterers and photographers, they will score some good discounts for you. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your wedding. 

From decoration to food arrangements, a wedding planner will take care of everything. However, it is important to tell them your requirements in detail to them to avoid miscommunication. 

Have a happy wedding by hiring a good wedding planner!


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