Detailed Information on the Thai Wedding Traditions and Rituals 


The customs and traditions that are followed in each culture during the weddings are entirely different from one another. Every step of the ritual that is followed on such an auspicious occasion will have its meaning and value in the whole festivity. The same goes for Thai weddings too, as their culture and traditions are something that everyone should know.

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Traditions in a Thai Wedding

Here are some traditions that are followed at a Thai wedding.

·         Thong Mun

Also known as “gold engagement’, this ritual is a procedure where the groom’s side will give jewellery to the bride. The tradition states that the groom should give 24-carat gold in any form, and an engagement with the jewellery is like a bonus.

·         Sin Sod

Sin sod is also known by the name dowry in other cultures. This is considered an important step in any Thai wedding. Disagreeing to pay sin sod is considered as the groom is disagreeing to follow the culture and traditions of the bride’s family, and hence it is considered an act of offense against the bride’s family.

This is the money that the groom will be paying the bride’s family for sending their daughter to the groom’s house and also to bear healthy children in future. The sin sod amount will be finalised after the negotiations between both the bride’s and groom’s families. It can be of many forms such as assets, properties, livestock, cash, gold, and so on.

Some families do not believe in taking the money from the groom for taking care of their daughter and hence might return the amount to the groom after the ritual is completed and the marriage is done with.

·         Wedding Ceremony

Thai people strictly believe that all the rituals must be completed during a wedding, even if it is for the sake of valuing any particular tradition. The monks will be involved in the wedding ceremonies and the ritual takes place at home. The main religion that is followed during the wedding is the Buddhist religion, and the number of the monks involved will always be in odd numbers.

Some of the wedding rituals are not considered lawful ones by the government and yet are followed during the wedding just to fulfil all the rituals as set by the predecessors.

·         Merit Gift

A merit gift is something that is given to any local Buddhist temple with a request to Buddha for keeping the couples married and also in love for as many years as possible. The gift will always be given in the name of the bride.

Some rituals have their significance in any wedding. The same goes for the Thai wedding traditions too.

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