Bridal List of Traditional Gold Jewellery of Maharashtra


Maharashtrian culture is incomplete without its signature gold jewelry designs. Its traditional gold jewelry is inspired by the Marathas and Peshwas. Those who are not aware of the names of the Maharashtrian jewelry designs are in the right place. In this article, we will go over all of the traditional gold jewellery of Maharashtra that every Marathi woman will have in her jewelry box.

Mohan Mala

It is the richest-looking jewelry in Maharashtra and can be worn on any special occasion. It is a long necklace in which gold beads are stringed in multiple layers. It gives a royal look to the Marathi ladies when worn as their wedding jewelry or on any other occasion with matching attire. 

Kolhapuri Saaj

It is a very uniquely designed traditional necklace made of 21 leaves and a pendant. Each leaf has its significance. It signifies the different avatars of Vishnu and the symbols of Ashtamangal. It is gifted to the bride by the groom’s family and symbolizes marriage. That means only married women are allowed to wear Kolhapuri saaj.

Lakshmi Haar

It is another uniquely designed necklace, made of coins. It is also known as a temple necklace or putli haar. It is called a temple necklace as the coins have the motif of the goddess Lakshmi. The gold coins are threaded together on a silk-braided patwa cord. It is a very traditional piece of Maharashtrian jewelry dating back to the 17th century.


It is the name given to the beautifully carved, lightweight 22-karat gold bangles. They are the traditional handmade bangles, also referred to as “Gahu tode” bangles. Maharashtrian ladies wear gold todes with green-colored glass bangles. It is also a tradition in Maharashtra that tode must be gifted to the bride by the groom’s family on their special occasion.


It is a very pretty armlet that is traditionally worn on both arms. But now ladies like to wear it with only one arm. It is made of gold and decorated with beautiful motifs. This is also called “Bajuband.” You will find various designs on the market nowadays. It is also part of the traditional gold jewelry of Maharashtra, and you will find it on the arms of every Marathi bride.

Ambada or Veni phool

It is a very beautifully carved, uniquely designed bun pin that is made of 22-karat gold. Veni phool is referred to as the flower that is used to decorate the bride’s bun. The majority of it is intricated with various motifs, the most common of which is a sunflower with jowar beads.


It is a choker-style gold necklace set that you will find in the jewelry box of every Maharashtrian bride. It is very closely woven, with gold beads forming a layer of strings. As it is choker-styled, it comes with an adjustable thread at the back so that it can comfortably fit around every woman’s neck.


It is a pair of toe rings that are worn on the second finger of the toe. It is the symbol of marriage and is worn by every married woman in Maharashtra. It is worn on the second finger of the toe, as the acupuncture created by the toe ring enhances fertility in women.

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