Beauty Fundamentals: A Beginner’s Guide To Makeup


If you’re new to the cosmetics world, you may have one. It was when you applied foundation with trepidation, unsure if the color was right for you, and debating whether to use the brush or the sponge. Although it can be hard to find the right makeup, the experience of trying it on for the first time is exhilarating.

Beauty novices can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer number of formulas and brands available. That’s why we collected and analyzed the reports by various makeup artistry Titans such as Corrie Elle Artistry that gave us the how’s and why’s of our top makeup basics for beginners list.

What cosmetics should a beginner purchase?

Although it might be tempting to buy the latest trends in beauty, any experienced practitioner will tell you that mastering makeup is only possible if you have a solid understanding of the basics and a clear understanding of what each product can do for you. Below are the essential makeup products for beginners.

  1. Primers

Primers are often overlooked, especially by beginners to makeup, but they are essential components of your makeup collection. It’s like a skin-specific Photoshop. It covers up any large pores, wrinkles or other imperfections, smoothens your skin, and provides a flawless, even base for makeup application.

  1. The base

Foundation-related issues include finding the right foundation shade for you and avoiding “cakey” appearances. It is important to research as you may need to try different products before you decide which shade suits your skin the best. Many companies offer a variety of colors that will suit every skin tone. Many makeup experts recommend that you use a cosmetic sponge to apply foundation. You can slowly add foundation to the sponge as it absorbs the product.

  1. Cover-up

A grand number of makeup artists believe concealer is essential for any beauty routine. We couldn’t agree more. This multipurpose product can be used to conceal discoloration, pigmentation, wrinkles, age spots and any other imperfections around the eyes.

Makeup experts suggest that you look at two main distinctions when purchasing concealers: eye concealer and face concealer. To minimize the appearance of fine lines, you should apply moisturizing concealer under the eyes. This concealer can be used to hide a troublesome spot or discoloration. However, concealer for the skin tends to be thicker and more drying.

  1. Bronzer

After your canvas is primed and polished, it’s time for you to add drama and dimension. As said by many makeup experts, that a beautiful bronzer is one of the top five must-have items. They also highlighted the importance of adding color to pale skin. This is how you can achieve it without going overboard. Experts recommend adding a little bronzer to your hairline, cheekbones and neck for instant lift.

In this article, we went through various tips and must-haves as suggested by makeup experts from all over the globe. These four must-haves are a must for someone who is new to the makeup world and wants to make their name in it. Not only that, the above-mentioned products are also useful for day-to-day uses and are basically the foundations of the makeup industry or art.


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