Read This If You Want to Elope to Maui to Get Married 


Maui is the best place to be married and spend your honeymoon, as it’s ranked as the top wedding destination. Hawaii makes it simple to get married. Expedia users have chosen Maui as the greatest island in the world, while Conde Nest Travel Magazine has ranked it the finest island for 19 years running.

Simple Maui Wedding can offer you all kinds of support for your Maui elopements and grandly celebrate your wedding.

The simple marriage laws of Hawaii are recognized by all 50 US states as well as many other countries. With simply a photo ID, you can get a marriage license the day before or the morning of the wedding without having to do a blood test or wait a year. Three weeks following the ceremony, Hawaii mails you the marriage certificate.

Where to Get Married in Maui?

There are an enormous variety of locations. Romantic and intimate getaways should revolve around the two of you. Would you like to exchange vows at dusk on a stunning beach? The majority of couples do, and to commemorate your day of love, head to a neighboring restaurant by the sea. In addition, there are gardens and churches.

Eloping to Maui

Hawaii has grown in popularity. Numerous resorts and wedding agencies handle all of the planning. Your wedding coordinator in Maui will take care of everything for you. They will arrange for the officiate/minister, photographer, and state license agent appointment (which lasts for only fifteen minutes). 

They will also handle all of the paperwork. Some couples purchase a movie in addition to the pictures so they may show it to relatives and friends who were not there.

The cost of a basic, classy beach wedding starts at $695, while a luxurious package at the top resort on Maui includes hair and makeup in addition to other amenities. Check out the cost of a Maui wedding.

Some couples arrive alone, while others bring a small group of relatives or kids. There are no guidelines! You can choose from a number of ceremonies, including a quick and easy civil ceremony, a Hawaiian ceremony, or a Christian service.

Where to Stay on Maui?

Embark on your dream beach wedding in Maui with packages starting at $695 for a basic, classy experience. Elevate the celebration at a premier resort with a luxurious package inclusive of hair and makeup, among other amenities. 

Customize your experience—opt for an intimate gathering or bring along a small group of relatives and kids. There are no strict guidelines. Select from various ceremonies, whether it is a quick and easy civil ceremony, a traditional Hawaiian ritual, or a Christian service. 

Maui offers the perfect canvas for your unique love story, where the sun, sand, and sea converge to create an unforgettable wedding backdrop. Let the beauty of Maui be the setting for your special day.

So, contact your wedding coordinator in Maui if you plan to get married in this well-known destination in Hawaii after you visit their Instagram profile.


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