Photographer’s Guide to Wedding-Specific Presets


Shooting the photographs is just a tiny fraction of the labour involved in photography weddings. Many people have no clue how much time and effort is put into getting the perfect wedding images and putting together a wedding album. If all you can do is worry about the big day, you are probably not giving your all at the office.

The Best Choices of Presets for the Photographers

Any seasoned photographer will tell you that the editing process is where you’ll discover the actual magic in your images. While the camera does all the work, editing allows you to breathe new life into those captured moments. Just one little hitch? Editing is a laborious procedure that requires expert knowledge and a lot of time commitment. Learning how to realistically clean your photographs is a continual effort. You risk disappointing your clients by providing subpar service until you figure out what works. You risk disappointing your clients by providing them with subpar work until you acquire the necessary skills.

The editing procedure may be time-consuming, and if you’re not careful, you might end up damaging the wedding photos you took for your clients. Using Wedding Presets is a great way to ensure that all of your pictures come out looking their best. If you’re having problems nailing the editing process or wasting time on it when you should be doing something else, wedding presets may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Presets: Why You Should Use Them At Your Wedding

In photography, a “preset” is a predefined group of adjustments that may be applied to an image with a single mouse click. After that, you may adjust the settings whatever you see fit for the final product of your post-processing.

You should make sure the presets you buy are compatible with the software you want to use before making a purchase, since presets are available for a broad range of applications and programmes. Once the preset has been installed, it may adjust the settings and transform the photos in line with a specified rule.

If you’re a professional wedding photographer who puts a premium on individualised attention to each client’s vision, then why would you want to use Moody Wedding look presets for their wedding galleries?

Presets are used by professional wedding photographers because they help them save time throughout the editing process.

For every hour you spend filming, you’ll need to set up four hours for post-production. If you have plans every weekend of the month, especially if you have to travel, this may be a very time-consuming activity. Using a preset may speed up the process by automatically applying filters to the lighting, brightness, shade, and tone of each photo. When editing photos, using presets may reduce your time in half, making the process much more manageable.

Maintaining uniformity is a primary goal

Photos from the engagement session, the wedding, and the reception are generally shown and evaluated as a cohesive whole. For this reason, most people give continuity between shots a lot of weight.


The Wedding Presets on Etsy may help provide unity to a picture shoot that spans many days and involves subjects in different locations and outfits. Using default lighting and filter settings will instantly make your portfolio seem more polished and expert. With the aid of presets, an ordinary photo album may be converted into a stunning showcase that will be viewed again.

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